ZBL, global forwarder of liquid bulk in Flexitanks and Isotanks

ZBL offers a distinctive range of logistics services for the global transport of liquid bulk in both Flexitanks and Isotanks. Our technical expertise, knowledge of regulations and specialised equipment make our logistics product truly different.

Certification and membership

ZBL is a member of COA (Container Owners Association), TLN (Transport Logistiek Nederland) and Fenex. We are also recognised as a practical training company by the SBB. ZBL is ISO 9001:2015-certified.

About us

ZBL - Zijderlaan Bulk Liquids - is a Dutch forwarder specialising in liquid bulk.

ZBL-owner Tony van der Schoor and his team aim to offer customers a distinctive range of services for the global transport of liquid bulk. This is done using Flexitanks and Isotanks, while ZBL's know-how, experience and dedication provide indispensable added value.

In the thirty years prior to ZBL's establishment in June 2008, Tony held numerous positions with major tank container companies.

Tony van der Schoor