ZBL's technical expertise allows for the specialised transport of liquid bulk in Isotanks

ZBL specialises in organising the European transport of polyurethanes in Isotanks. We do this on a daily basis for a large customer, always ensuring that the Isotanks with polyurethanes arrive at their destinations across Europe at the appointed time and at the correct temperature. For each destination, we select the best transport option: road, inland shipping or rail.

Tailored advice

Furthermore, we offer recipients advice on the best way to unload the polyurethanes from the Isotank. Thanks to our technical expertise and years of experience, we know exactly what flanges, pumps, etc. are necessary to safely connect the Isotank to the storage tank of the customer without any spills. If required, we can be present at any location in Europe to offer hands-on advice.

We specialise in the transport of polyurethane in Isotanks.

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